our mission

Why our business exists

M. Daniels Consulting Ltd. is an incorporated company headquartered in BC.  MDC has delivered employment services since 1994 as a private and then incorporated company in Northern BC.  Our mandate is to work with government, community service providers, industry, and businesses to develop and deliver client-focused employment programs and services. 

M. Daniels Consulting strives to provide exceptional service through our respect for our clients, passion for our work, and collaborative approach to program and community development.  We strive to provide consistent, client/employer centered, and innovative strategies to the challenges faced by the communities we serve.   MDC believes that everyone is employable and our work with diverse clients strengthens our ability to meet employer and labour market needs.

MDC understands employment services and realizes that these services are continually evolving. We continue to develop innovative strategies to meet the ever- changing demands in the labour market to serve our clients, employers, our company, and our contract funders to the best of our ability.

our vision

Our Success is Measured by Your Success

Our aim is to be:
– Known for achieving employment focused outcomes.
– Known for providing services in a safe, welcoming      environment that honors and recognizes diversity of our communities and supports inclusive environment for all.
– Known for providing client centered services that build on client strengths and remove barriers.
– Known for providing targeted strategies to meet complex and changing labour market needs.
– Known for innovative solutions that recognize the unique and complex needs of clients

our values include:

What is Important to Us

– Services are enhanced when we work collaboratively with community
– Our knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff will consistently work
collaboratively with clients in a genuine and respectful manner.
– We will develop and maintain integrated relationships with community
partners to respond effectively to client and community needs.
– We will conduct all business in an ethical, transparent and respectful
– Services and programs are client centered and respect our client’s diversity.
– When working with clients, goals should be realistic and obtainable.
– Clients can meet challenges by designing their own solutions and playing an
active role in the design and implementation of the solutions.
– Maintain a positive and safe environment for all that come in contact with our
facilities, projects, activities, programs, partnerships, and services including
staff and partners.
– To continually improve our service delivery to ensure capacity building
amongst clients, employers and community agencies.